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SpyHunter 4 by Enigma is a very powerful software and is excellent at protecting PC’s from malicious virus threats. Malware is constantly upgrading and improving to bypass technologies of anti-viruses. This is why SpyHunter constantly updates their anti-adware codes to combat the evolving computer viruses. This ad-ware software has the ability to detect rootkits that install programs to deliver viruses to a computer. Rootkits use encrypted files to pass through anti-virus programs unnoticed. Thankfully, SpyHunter has the capability for scanning rootkits. If a rootkit is found then SpyHunter will ask to reboot the computer and will remove any rootkits in the process. Compact OS is included into the computer to allow the recommended booting process to be loaded without Windows, allowing the rootkits to be removed completely.

SpyHunter Review
Comparedandreviewed.com tried out SpyHunter4 and made a review on it. They say the anti-adware’s good points were that it was “very effective at removing hijacked browser search tool bars, spyware variants that other major brands didn’t detect, customized spyware fix option available, easy to use interface, and supports Windows 8.1” (Comparedandreviewed.com). This makes the SpyHunter4 top of the line of all ad-ware.

The company of SpyHunter 4 has an amazing friendly support staff to fix any problems. They have a free download to let people try it out to see how effective it really is. However, the full version is the best. What’s amazing is that SpyHunter4 has a support desk built right into the program which can be contacted by phone or message. Any technical difficulties that a person may be encountering can be answered by this highly convenient built in feature.

Adware Adwcleaner Programs
Adwcleaner scans and deletes adware, toolbars, potentially unwanted programs, and browser hijackers. By Adwcleaner moving harmful threats, a computer can function fast again. Sometimes, when someone wants to install a program, a few other programs are downloaded along with the original. So unless a custom install is done, these unwanted programs will be installed. Fortunately, Adwcleaner prevents these add on programs from being installed. The way to use to program is very simple. First it is downloaded and installed. Once it is downloaded, a “scan and screen” button will appear on the main page of Adwcleaner. Clicking on the scan button will cause the program to search the computer for unwanted programs. As soon as the scan is finished, a person would then look through the scan results and un-check any entries they don’t want to be deleted. After it is customized to the person’s liking, they will then click the “clean” button. Doing this will cause the computer to reboot and delete the file and registration entries that are affiliated with the adware that is being removed. The program is free, effective, and easy to use.

Adwcleaner Xplode

Many customer reviews of Adwcleaner had nothing but good things to say. This particular customer review had a few thing to say about Adwcleaner. Their review stated that they were ” . . . skeptical about a lot of these types of programs. [They] gave it a try and [were] impressed” (download.cnet.com). This review and a majority of the others said that the program was very easy to use. A lot of them said it was very effective in doing what it was designed to do. Adwcleaner is perfect for those looking for a free yet very effective cleaning software. For those interested, here is a Adwcleaner hyperlink. Again, it is free to download and use, so there will be no charges.

Spy Sweeper 3.0

Spy Sweeper 3.0 gets consistently good ratings and reviews. It has a great ability to scan and remove more spyware and adware than any other product. The scanning processes are really fast and efficient. “It [Takes] less than 15 minutes to scan 80,000 plus files . . . ,” making it a very great at its job (www.pcmag.com). Many others have said that the program is very easy to use, making it convenient for even those that lack computer skills.

Spybot-Search & Destroy 1.3
Even though the scan functions are a bit slower than Spy Sweeper, it still does a great job at its blocking functions. The one thing to keep in mind with this program is that it does not constantly update its codes, which can be a problem with today’s evolving viruses. However, the one thing it can do that Spy Sweeper 3.0 can’t is that it automatically creates a restore point. Also, only Spybot-Search & Destroy 1.3 offers a fool proof mechanism for rollback and recover features. So all in all, it has got its strong and weak points.

Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware SE
Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware is a free version of its popular spyware programs. The program only offers scanning services and does a pretty good job at it. In order to add blocking functions, one must upgrade to the newer versions. However, it is vital to have both features. Many have noted that a combination of Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware SE and Spybot-Search and Destroy did a great job as both a scanner and a blocker. On one hand though, PC Magazine has awarded Ad-Aware SE Professional and Ad-Aware SE Plus the winner, so they must be pretty good at what they do and have both blocking and scanning features.

AVG 2015
AVG 2015 is probably top of the list. Even its free version offers great virus, malaware, and adware protection. The scanning process is pretty fast and does a great job at protecting internet surfers from harmful viruses. Any viruses that are found by this software are wiped out. The paid version is even better, as it does what is called a PC tune-up. The PC tune-up feature speeds up computers dramatically by deleting all unnecessary cookies, registry errors, and a bunch of other unwanted programs.

Malawarebytes Anti-Malaware
The thing with most anti-viruses is they can’t detect every single threat. A lot of new online threats that are far scarier than viruses are now starting to bypass even the most advanced anti-virus systems. Their video has a pretty good animation explaining these new viruses. Back in the old days, the only thing people had to worry about were viruses. On the bright side, Malawarebytes is specifically designed to handle these type of threats.

Bitedefender is an excellent, free adware removal software. This program doesn’t only protect identity while online, but it also removes annoying ads that slow down a person’s computer. It also removes unwanted tool bars and browsers. Bitedefender is ideal for as a free, effective and simple anti-malaware program.

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