Avast Selling your Private Browsing History & Data

Avast has recently came under fire along with many other companies for their updated EULA agreement.

Many users on the popular website Reddit discussed what to do and if anti virus is even relevant in 2015.

Reddit user invisabit stated:

Honestly, if you are smart with what you clicked, you shouldn’t need one at all. Windows Defender should be the only thing you need left running as basically anything that will infect your PC is because of what you clicked. Browser smarter, simple as that.


The contents of Avast’s EULA agreement discussing there handling of personal information contains the following:

8. Privacy; processing of personal information

The Software collects certain information, which may include personally identifiable information, from the computer on which it is installed, including:

  1. URLs of any websites you have visited;
  2. Information and files (including executable files) on your computer identified by the Software as potentially infected, together with the information about the nature of identified threats;
  3. Information about the sender and subject of emails identified by the Software as potentially infected, together with the information on the nature of identified threats;
  4. Information contained in emails reported by you as spam or as incorrectly identified as spam by the Software;
  5. Copies of the files identified by the Software as potentially infected or parts thereof may be automatically sent to AVAST for further examination and analysis;
  6. Certain information about your computer hardware, software and/or network connection;
  7. Certain information about the installation and operation of the Software and encountered errors or problems; and
  8. Statistical information about threats detected by the Software.

AVAST reserves the right to store and use the information collected by the Software and to share such information within the AVAST Group in order to improve the AVAST Group’s current and future products and services, to help the AVAST Group develop new products and services, and to better understand the behavior of AVAST’s users. AVAST may publish or share such information with third parties that are not part of the AVAST Group but will only ever do so after removing personally identifiable information. For the purposes hereof, “AVAST Group” means AVAST, its parent companies and any company that is controlled by or under common control with AVAST or its parent companies.

By using the Software you acknowledge and agree that AVAST Group or its distributors or agents may collect and use the information as described above. You are giving this consent on behalf of all users of all computers where the Software will be used under this license and you accept full responsibility for informing all users and acquiring their fully informed, free and valid consent with processing of their personal information by the Software as described above.

The collected information may be transferred to third parties or to other countries that may have less protective data protection laws than the country or region in which you are situated (including the European Union). AVAST takes measures to ensure that any collected information will receive an adequate level of protection if and when transferred. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement or any Documentation or other materials provided to you in connection with the Software, AVAST reserves all rights to cooperate with any legal process or government inquiry (including, but not limited to, court orders and law enforcement requests) related to your use of the Software. In connection with such cooperation, AVAST may provide documents and information relevant to a court subpoena or government or other legal investigation, which may include disclosure of your personally identifiable information. AVAST may also use statistics derived from the collected information to track and publish reports on security risk trends. By using the Software, you acknowledge and agree that AVAST may collect, transmit, store, disclose and analyze such information for any of the foregoing purposes listed in this Section.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the AVAST privacy policy, you consent during the term of this Agreement and for one (1) year thereafter to (i) AVAST sharing information collected by you during your purchase, installation or registration of the Software with AVAST’s distributors and other business partners and (ii) use of such information by AVAST, its distributors and other business partners to present you with information that may be relevant to you, including offers of software, services or other products.

In the end one lesson is being taught over and over again. Nothing is free.

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