Best Malware Removal Tools of 2017

2017 is finally here and we have a whole host of malware to deal with. What is the best malware removal of 2017? While you would love to own a Mac, because you wouldn’t have to deal with the viruses, remember that you will still vulnerable to malware. Malware can affect both Windows and Mac OS, and you need to be have the best malware removal tool installed to protect your device. If you are not careful you can easily download rogue virus programs that pose itself as malware removal tools. Cryptowall, a ransomware, cost as much as $18 billion to the world economy, extorting money from individuals and businesses alike. Blackhole EK, an Exploit Kit will infect your PC if you have installed Adobe Flash or Player.

What you will need is to get yourself the best malware removal 2017 that can clean up your PC and protect your malware in no time.

How to Protect Your Device with the Best Malware Removal tool 2017?

Threats aren’t just restricted to viruses anymore. With the rise in new kinds of malware every day, your system may be threatened with malware your anti-malware software may not even be equipped to recognize. This is why it is important to have a malware removal tool that is efficient and up-to-date. This brings us to our annual list of the best malware removal tools of 2017. The best malware removal tools in the market today can do some of these things pretty well.

– Recognize the malware even if it is disguised as something else e.g. an attachment from a known sender or a download from a recognized website, even if it may appear legitimate at first.

– Stop the malware from downloading to the system, or root it out if it does get attached to the system.

Best Malware Removal Tools of 2017

It is important to use a good malware removal tool not only to protect your system from crashing or malfunctioning, but also to protect your private data. In the Internet age, systems are vulnerable more than they have ever been before. But if you practice safe surfing and have any of these malware removal tools installed, you can be reasonably safe. Here is a list of the tools to keep handy in 2017:

#1- Spyhunter 4


Spyhunter 4 is one of the best malware tools in 2017 available. It runs on Windows XP (32-bit)(SP2), Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit). It deals with all kind of malware, viruses, rogue antivirus programs, and ransomware. The program has been certified as a Platinum level anti-spyware program.

2017 malware removal spyhunter

There are two things that set it apart from the standard malware detection software available in the market. One is that it is not simply an anti-malware tool – it also protects you from spyware. It encompasses a variety of tools to protect you from different types of threats. Second, it has a feature called the Spyware HelpDesk. This is an interface that allows support members of the Spyhunter community to connect to the infected system.

spyhunter 4 malware removal

So in case you can’t seem to fix your system using Spyware, this feature can help you deal with the problem and apply manual fixes too. Spyhunter 4 also leaves it optional to you to protect your homepage. This option can be set during installation. This is a useful feature as there are countless software that intend to change your default homepage, that you might download without even realizing it.

#2 – Mackeeper



Although Spyhunter 4 is a great software, it only works for Windows. One of the best counterparts for Apple systems is Mackeeper. Mackeeper not only comprehensively protects your system from malware, but also performs a list of ancillary but important functions that improve productivity. One of these is cleaning up your system. Mackeeper removes junk files, unnecessary applications and cleans RAM; all while keeping your personal files out of harm’s way.

Another benefit that Mackeeper provides you with is that it allows you access to Apple professionals 24×7, whether you are having trouble with a small error or a huge virus. Your personal assistant solves the problem for you.


Apart from such added features, Mackeeper keeps malicious software away from your system. It scans the files you download and use and also helps you to browse safely. Its System Optimization function will speed up your Mac, as it not only cleans out corrupted files but also inactive disruptive files.

#3 – Macbooster


Macbooster is one of the foremost anti-malware tools for Apple systems. It packs in some extra features apart from detecting and rooting out potential malware. It monitors the status of your Mac at all times. This helps in not only weeding out malware, but also tracking how efficiently your system is running, which is important if you want to get full performance out of your Mac.


The latest version of Macbooster has added new features that make it stand out from among its competitors. It now allows you to securely delete items. Not only this, it also allows you to manage iTunes files. It cleans out junk in the system, and identifies files that are too big, or are duplicated. It also helps you uninstall programs that don’t go away by simply uninstalling and tend to leave files behind and clog your system.

2017 malware macbooster

So it earns points for not only keeping your system malware free but also increasing speed and productivity.

#4 – MalwareBytes



MalwareBytes is one of those anti-malware tools that work for both Windows and Mac. The new version of MalwareBytes is more streamlined and easy-to-use. It is available in free and premium version, both. The free version has been reviewed favorably for its malware detection and removal capabilities. The Premium version does what the free one does, plus uses advanced security measures to proactively stop malware infections. It also has a very involved forum where you can find the solution to any problem you can’t find directly in the software.

malwarebytes-malware removal 2017

It is also fully compatible with Windows 10. It is available not only for English users, but also German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and Polish. Chinese is also supported through community help, although it is not an officially supported language. The new version has added enhanced support for high DPI displays.

#5 – Regcure Pro


Although Regcure Pro protects your system from malware, it is even better known for cleaning out your computer really well. It earns bonus points for the way it does this. Most of the popular software that clean your computer to make it more efficient do so in an ‘automatic’ manner. Although this is advertised as making your job easier, but in doing so you don’t know what the software has deleted. This is where Regcure Pro makes a difference.


Once you scan for issues after downloading the software, Regcure Pro makes an easy to read list of problems or issues that your computer has. You can then choose which ones you want the software to deal with or delete. This gives you power over your system and keeps you aware of what it is deleting. Regcure addresses system and registry errors too. As far as malware is concerned, Regcure Pro has been reviewed favorably because it even deals with malware that has recently come up and your system might be vulnerable to had you been using a less up to date anti-malware software.

#6 – Kaspersky Anti Virus


Kaspersky has been a known name in the anti-malware market for quite some time, and no list is complete without it. Kaspersky gives you the option to use its multi device protection software instead of the traditional single user protection system.

Kaspersky 2017 removal malware

This is quite useful as in this age of technology almost everyone owns multiple devices that need protection from malware and Kaspersky can comprehensively cover them all. One of the best features about this software is its firewall, which is considered one of the best ones available. It saves you from everything, from little annoying bugs to full blown Trojan horses.

kaspersky malware 2017

Kaspersky also allows you to customize the security system according to your needs and usage habits. This makes for a unique security system tailored to suit your needs. One of the most easy ways to get into user systems these days is through automatic downloads from the web. Kaspersky inhibits free-will downloading. It also monitors every file on your system for signs of malware infection.

#7 – QuickHeal


You would probably love Quickheal for a number of reasons the primary one being its ability to thwart of viruses. However, if you are willing to spend in a few extra bucks, you can get its Pro version that can do a lot more, including fighting malware.

quick-heal-android-malware removal

Quick heal offers a good firewall protection that stops other networks from trying to connect to yours to use up your server resources. Quick heal also blocks out any malicious codes that are sent through websites. There is a check and inspection of all unsafe programs to suggest which might be acting maliciously.


One of the two primary sources from where you get malware is through emails. Quick heal Pro helps you combat against it, enabling you to have safe web browsing all the time.

Final Verdict: Remove Malware in 2017

You will need a good malware removal tool today to protect your device. A plan anti virus program does not have the malware removal tools that you need, and you can easily fall prey to hackers. For instance, one of the most popular ransomware attacks blocks your keyboards and mouse and stops you from accessing your computer till you have paid in the ransom to your hackers. The only way out is to delete everything from your computer, which means that all data will be lost.

Duqu 2.0 is another type of malware that can be devastating for the users. In fact, this collection of malware was so successful that even Kaspersky couldn’t protect users from it. What you need is complete security and the above best malware removal tools of 2017 will help you ensure that your data stays safe.

Get a good anti-malware system as your system can get affected without you even knowing it, not only leading to compromised productivity and speed but also compromised personal data including sensitive information like passwords. A good anti-malware software that updates itself regularly can help you keep your system safe, but if you have any of the above programs installed, you are in the hands of the best software in the business.

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