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The Email Sherlock service is really little more than a directory. People can type in email addresses into the search bars at Email Sherlock, and they will find out who owns that email address. It’s a way of finding out who emailed a given person, and possibly a way of getting in touch with a person. This website is the ’email’ Sherlock, since it manages to track down the owner of email addresses with the speed and the accuracy that people associate with Sherlock Holmes, the most famous fictional detective ever.

Introducing Email Sherlock

However, in spite of the fact that Email Sherlock is identified with such a famous detective, the actual methods behind Email Sherlock are fairly straightforward.


This is an extremely directed and narrow search engine. People would often be able to find similar information on Google and other search engines, but Email Sherlock is able to help them skip a step, which can make the whole experience easier for people who are trying to find the identity behind a given email address more quickly. This makes Email Sherlock quite formidable in reverse email lookup.

The History of Email Sherlock

Email Sherlock is not a household name in the manner of Google or even older search engines like Ask Jeeves. However, this website technically is an older search engine. It started in 2003, when the world of Web 2.0 was still relatively new and before the rise of social media websites and smartphones. The website itself that links to Email Sherlock is still referred to as: The website actually predates the resurgence of the popularity of the Sherlock Holmes archetype in the media, in fact, or at least it helped anticipate it.

Since then, tens of millions of searches for email addresses have been conducted through Email Sherlock. In raw Internet numbers, this does not seem to be alarmingly high. While it is a solid amount for a search engine that is not especially well-known, it doesn’t compare to many of the larger search engines that are visited every second somewhere in the world. Email Sherlock is not the only game in town when it comes to learning about the identity of a person behind an email address, which is one of the reasons why things have worked out this way. However, the marketing behind Email Sherlock has not made this search engine the household name that it could have been in some cases.

Today, Email Sherlock is available on mobile devices. People can download an app that will allow them to easily get the information that they need through Email Sherlock. People who spend a lot of time on their mobile devices may find themselves getting unknown emails all the time, which might encourage them to download an app that will allow them to easily check up on the identity behind those emails. Downloading the Email Sherlock app can make the process that much more convenient. The app requires an iOS 4.3 or later system. People can download the app onto their iPhones, iPod touches, or iPads. While the app doesn’t have an above-average level of compatibility, it should at least be fine with those systems. People can download the app on iTunes and in other places. It is rightly regarded as a Utilities app.

Is Email Sherlock Legit?

When considering how Email Sherlock works, people should think about what happens when they actually sign up for various services online. People have to contribute and type in their email addresses in order to get social media accounts of any kind, including on video sharing and picture sharing websites. Many people will use the same email address for multiple accounts. Their Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, and Pinterest accounts could all be connected according to the exact same email address assuming that this is the one that they used when they signed up, which creates something of a link.


If someone typed that email address into Email Sherlock, then they would be able to learn who was behind each and every one of those accounts. They would be able to learn how the person behind the initial email was, and they would be able to get a sense of that person’s online activity in general. The people who are interested in keeping these aspects of their identities secret should keep in mind the potential risk that they are running by making sure that so many different social media accounts are connected by an email address that can be exposed in a matter of seconds today.

People should know that using Email Sherlock is completely free. Search engines are taken for granted today, and Email Sherlock is not a service people will have to pay for, regardless of how old it is. The website interface is extremely straightforward and basic, so people are not going to have to deal with a website that has a lot of graphics or anything that is going to slow them down. While the Email Sherlock website does have an almost old-fashioned feel to it, it is old-fashioned in a minimalist 2000’s sort of manner, and not a graphics-laden 2000’s or 1990’s sort of manner. It has social media links, but other than that, there is something straightforward about Email Sherlock that might make it refreshing.

Actually conducting the email search is as easy as just pasting in the email address in question. People are not going to have to submit anything noteworthy of their own in order to use this straightforward and minimalist website. Depending upon the strength of one’s Internet connection, it might take some time to load the search results. Email Sherlock is not the fastest search engine, and people who are used to the lightning speed of search engines like Google might be frustrated. They might end up with some contradictory results in the process of searching, since performing these sorts of searches is by no means a foolproof method. However, the experience of using Email Sherlock should be good and information overall. People generally are not going to run into any problems with this fairly simple protocol.

Email Sherlock Review

People have generally had positive reactions with the Email Sherlock website and Email Sherlock software. They have reported that the website did in fact work when it came to helping them locate the identities that they were trying to find. As such, the website was certainly performing its function, and there is nothing for most people to complain about in situations like that.

Some people have left negative reviews about the Email Sherlock app, however. Some people reported that the app did not work for them. It is hard to say whether or not this was a product of their own subjective experience, or whether this was an actual fundamental problem with the app in question. Lots of other people used the app with no problems whatsoever, so this is certainly not going to be anything resembling a universal experience for the people who are trying to use Email Sherlock more efficiently..

Some people have said that the app crashes. Other people have had similar complaints about the website being slow. In both cases, if users are patient, they are usually going to be rewarded when it comes to using Email Sherlock. This is an older service, and it shows in many ways. It is not going to give people the results that many of them might have wanted right away. However, the people who are willing and able to wait shouldn’t run into any other problems when it comes to retrieving the data that they want. Email Sherlock is ultimately going to work out for them.

The Safety of Email Sherlock

‘Is Email Sherlock safe?’ is a more complicated question than people might think initially. It leads to another question: is Email Sherlock safe for everyone involved or just people at one end of the transaction? The people who are actually using Email Sherlock in order to locate websites have nothing to worry about, as least when it comes to searching for websites themselves. The website is a safe website to use according to most of the software that evaluates the safety of websites. People are not going to be punished by looking up different web addresses by accidentally downloading malware or anything like that. Using Email Sherlock should be as safe as using all other search engines online, which has become so commonplace that people have turned the names of search engines into verbs. The name Email Sherlock does not roll off the tongue like Google, but it is largely a safe search engine to use on a regular

However, people should really think about the safety of this Internet service from the other end. This is a search engine that could allow them to be exposed very easily online, and the Internet is a hugely unforgiving place. Lots of people have multiple social media accounts. They might use one social media account for their work, where they will present a professional image that is very conducive to networking. They might have another social media account where they will willingly post photographs of themselves partying or saying something offensive. The wrong person finding out that both accounts could be devastating for someone’s career.

Society at large has still not quite learned how to cope with social media. Lots of employers still seem to expect their employees to present a professional image on the Internet, even though most people spend a huge portion of their time and their energy there. Employers are essentially asking that people spend their lives being professional, even though they only get paid for eight hours a day. There will be a related change in values one day as more and more people find themselves victimized by this situation. However, this change in values is going to happen very gradually, and in the meantime, people might have their lives undone through a search that someone else performs on Email Sherlock.

This is also the age of online harassment. People who write about a lot of very political or controversial topics online are frequently targeted by online harassment. However, these people at least have the anonymity of the Internet on their side when it comes to protecting their identities. If these people do not put a lot of effort into protecting their identities online, the people who are targeting them might be able to harass them on a whole new level as a result of services like Email Sherlock.

Email Sherlock Privacy

Fortunately, at least part of this problem is avoidable. People can go to the Privacy Settings in their different social media accounts and make their email addresses private. As a result, their email addresses are going to be invisible to Email Sherlock. This still isn’t a guarantee that sufficiently diligent Internet trolls will not find out the same information anyway, but it is certainly going to help almost anyone who is caught up in that unfortunate situation.

It should be noted that people who have multiple email accounts can also get around this problem. People who have different email addresses for each and every social media account are at least creating more work for the people who are trying to figure out who they are in the real world. It is true that people could search for their identities using any of the email addresses that they were using, but at least in that case, they would only end up locating one of their social media accounts. This plan may not be entirely feasible or entirely necessary for everyone, but it might still help a lot of the people who are concerned about maintaining their anonymity in an unstable and threatening Internet landscape. Email Sherlock privacy is actually possible, but it is going to take some underlying skill on the part of the people who are trying to protect their identities online.

It should also be noted that Email Sherlock could help a lot of other people when it comes to online security issues, so the security profile of Email Sherlock needs to be considered from all angles. People who might receive odd emails that make them concerned can find out the identity of the person who is emailing them easily, which could help them prevent all sorts of problems very quickly. Other people might look up addresses that are associated with online ads, which could help them verify that there are actually employees that they can contact behind the ad in question, and that they are not getting involved with some sort of blatant scam. Being able to verify the address of someone who is trying to establish contact with you can make a huge difference in a world where strangers can email each other with a thin layer of anonymity so easily.

Email Sherlock is a search engine. In the right hands, it can be used to protect people. In the wrong hands, it could be used for much grayer purposes. People can use their online security skills in order to minimize the odds that anything bad will happen to them online as a result of services like Email Sherlock. This is by no means a new service or a new search engine. People have been getting searched on this website for over a decade now. When people learn about Email Sherlock, they should know that nothing has really changed. For all they know, someone has already looked them up on Email Sherlock with no problems whatsoever.

Email Sherlock Updates

When the information available on Email Sherlock becomes outdated, then the information will be removed. Before that point, information on Email Sherlock stays on email Email Sherlock, which is the case with all search engines. The people who have had problems with privacy may be able to escape them in time if they get themselves new email addresses in time, at which point the information on Email Sherlock will change. However, overall, people should try to keep their privacy settings updated to avoid these kinds of problems.

People who use temporary email addresses may be able to side-step the issue altogether. Email addresses that expire very quickly may not be traceable on Email Sherlock. If people do search for email addresses like these and they find that Email Sherlock is unable to find any information about them, they might have been temporary email addresses. This loophole may not remain available forever, but for the time being, this is one way in which people can increase their privacy online in this manner.


Email Sherlock is a good service overall. It has some weaknesses in terms of its speed, but it does not have weaknesses in terms of its efficacy. Services like this demonstrate the extent to which privacy is being eroded in the modern day, for better and for worse. Some people will manage to solve problems using this service, while other people are going to have to avoid the problems that this service can cause. This is a simple website that creates complicated situations.

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