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SpyHunter 4 from Enigma Software Group USA, LLC is a safe, effective adware removal application that assists computer users in protecting their PCs from malicious threats. SpyHunter gives optimal protection with limited interaction. Just install it for immediate and perpetual, safe protection.

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Latest Features

As malware becomes more sophisticated to avoid detection, SpyHunter 4 responds with advanced technology to stay one step ahead. SpyHunter 4 has customization capabilities so every user can tailor it to specific needs.

SpyHunter 4 can detect and remove rootkits, which stealthily install rogue anti-spyware programs as seen in our Spyhunter 4 Review. Rootkit hidden and encrypted files and folders avoid detection by ordinary security software. SpyHunter’s rootkit detection technology detects them, promptly displays a message asking the user to reboot the computer, and removes the rootkit(s) during the reboot. Some rootkit files load and run with Windows, so, to prevent them from regenerating, SpyHunter has a compact operating system for a computer reboot without Windows.


Spyhunter 4 makes getting your PC back to factory condition simple with a few updated features.

If the SpyHunter HelpDesk feature cannot remove malware automatically, SpyHunter technicians remotely analyze the problem and deliver a free, custom fix to specific difficulties that may be unique to the computer.

The SpyHunter 4 Scanner with a click scans memory, registry, cookies, and files and lists items found infected. For more information about a listed item, the user selects it. To remove it, the user checks the box next to it and clicks the “Start Remove” button to quarantine it.

The SpyHunter System Guards feature integrates several proactive protections to block malicious processes automatically from executing and running. The user completely controls which processes may run on the system and which, as malicious or unnecessary, may not.

SpyHunter’s Network Sentry within the Settings panel area controls system networking to prevent malicious modifications and disruptions to Internet connections. SpyHunter prevents malware from hijacking the Internet homepage, monitors domain name system servers, and notifies users of unsolicited modifications, preventing malware redirection to phishing sites.

SpyHunter’s new Custom Scan feature saves time by limiting scans to specifically selected computer components. A custom scan may take only a small fraction of the time of a full scan.

SpyHunter’s new Settings panel customizes operations for a more personal experience by modification of the following general settings through the Options panel:

  • Automatically Check for Updates – SpyHunter 4 automatically contacts Enigma Software Group servers for new program and definition updates each time it starts.
  • Automatically Download and Install Definition Updates – SpyHunter automatically installs definition file updates whenever available.
  • Start SpyHunter Security Suite on Boot – SpyHunter loads automatically each time the computer starts.
  • Start SpyHunter Scan on Boot – SpyHunter automatically scans the computer each time it starts.
  • Minimize Security Suite on Startup – SpyHunter starts minimized, visible only as a taskbar icon, with protection features at full capacity.
  • Prompt If Any Important Windows Components Disabled – SpyHunter monitors Windows settings and warns of any attempt to disable the task manager or other important Windows components.

Is SpyHunter 4 Safe?

“Enigma” is not a typical antivirus brand name and the software has no longtime, established, impeccable track record. Enigma has not submitted SpyHunter 4 for detection capability testing at AV-Test or AV-Comparatives. These facts may raise doubts about SpyHunter safety and credibility, but competition is fierce and some competitors conduct inaccurate smear campaigns, so reviewers should be careful not to judge too quickly.

SpyHunter 4 is safe  and one of the best spyware removers. It is a complete anti-malware security package. SpyHunter is very effective against the most complex forms of malware, rootkits and ransomware. Rootkits avoid detection by operating system base level manipulation and file encryption tactics. SpyHunter is one of the few specialists able to detect, obstruct, and remove rootkits. Most antiviruses do not protect sufficiently against rootkits because they cannot detect them. Ransomware freezes computers and extorts payoffs for regained user access.

West Coast Labs certifies SpyHunter with a Platinum Product Award for test performances that show it does what it can do. Enigma says the reputation of the company and of the software have been attacked by misinformation that created some initial credibility problems.

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SpyHunter 4 remote user support is excellent. SpyHunter does not claim to be able to remove all rootkits automatically, but remote support technicians can eliminate what the software cannot. This service, which almost no other publisher provides, is an important added value that can save lots of time, money, and aggravation in confrontations with rootkits or ransomware.


Spyhunter 4 is not only safe but also remarkably effective against all types of malware threats. For users who want a program to get rid of present and prevent new threats, SpyHunter 4 is a good solution. For best results, the computer should have an Internet connection active every day for automatic downloads and installations of daily updates.

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Discussions — 2 Responses

  • Cindy laups January 23, 2015 on 7:44 pm

    Spyhunter works damn good especially when combined with a regular AV like Norton or avast. I’ve had this set-up along with many of my friends for the past 10 years and have not Seen an issue. This alone should tell you the quality.

  • Matty P. January 23, 2015 on 8:01 pm

    Cindy knows whats up! With all the crap out there today constantly looking to trash your comp and steal your credit card you really need some specialzed tools to beat down these attacks.