How to Fix Page Fault In Nonpaged Area

A Windows user can face a terrible problem such as blue screen problems, which can be terrifying for Windows users. Blue screen problems mostly affects the Windows operating system and since most people use Windows operating system, we need to have solutions at hand for these blue screen errors. There are several causes of blue screen error; one of them being dpc watchdog violation and another being page fault in nonpaged area.

TrackR Bravo Review

Have you heard of a small tracking device called TrackR Bravo? It lets you track any attached item. Another tracking device, the Tile Bluetooth tracking device, blanketed the entire internet due to an expansive advertisement which raised over $2.6 million in a crowdfunding campaign. But the Tile Bluetooth tracking device lacks in some features compared to the TrackR Bravo device.

Best Reverse Image Search Tools

Sometimes you come across a nice image of a car or bike but discover that it is not clearly visible. You would like to find more details about it but the image is hardly visible, and you do not know it. It does get frustrating at this point and the most common reaction is to give up on the search.

Best Teamviewer Alternative

Using a remote desktop app is a fantastic way to manage files on desktops from any location while troubleshooting issues. It also helps speed up deployments in many of today’s businesses, as most data centers in industrial applications are configured remotely. The right remote desktop access tool can connect you with your friends and family securely.

Best Evernote Alternatives 2016

If you’re the type that forgets things easily then you don’t need to be told how helpful note-taking throughout the day can be. This is especially true if you’re a busy professional. When you are multi-tasking the taking notes becomes more of a ‘must-do’ activity rather than just a suggestion. Most people who have already acknowledged their need for note-taking are familiar with Evernote (the most popular note-taking and archiving tool available today).

Talk Talk Hacker Just a Teen?

A fifteen year old boy has been arrested in Northern Ireland in relation to the hacking of Talk Talk website last week. However, he has since been released on bail till further enquiries are completed. Metropolitan police searched a County Amin House on Monday and arrested the young boy on basis of Computer Misuse Act offense.

PC Keeper Review

Are you facing problems with your Windows system? Is it unusually slow or takes a lot of time to boot? Are you confused about which anti-virus program to use? Is theft of your PC something you are not safeguarded against yet? Have you tried various programs and apps without them actually helping you solve your issue? If your answer is yes, you are in the same boat as a lot of other users.

Sucuri Review

In this No Adware in-depth Sucuri Review we will look at all of the features, pros and cons on Sucuri. You need to keep your website secure no matter what, even if it is not a popular website. A common misunderstanding about website security is that only high-traffic, popular websites are prone to web attacks. Contrary to this notion, the likelihood of a popular website being attacked is minimal because it is maintained by a team of experts who ensure that every security precaution is in place including Sucuri. The input to hack big sites is greater so hackers go for small scale websites whose security is always ignored by owners.

Brand New Flash Zero Day Used in Campaign

Researchers from antivirus company Trend Micro have discovered that attackers behind Pawnstorm campaign are using a new Adobe Flash Zero-Day exploit in their latest campaign. Pawnstorm is a cyber-espionage campaign that has been going on for a long time. It is known for its high-profile targets and uses the first java zero-day exploit that’s been spreading on for the last two years. This java Zero-Day exploit has since been assigned the identity CVE-2015-7645.