How Do I Clear Cookies?

If you’re a novice or intermediate computer user, the word “cookies” in relation to computers might leave you scratching your head. What are cookies? Why are you constantly urged to “clear” them? For those who are lost, all of your questions about cookies and methods for clearing them will be answered in this handy guide.

MacBooster 2 Review

No matter what you’ve been told, Macs can and do get infected. But, it’s not just viruses and malware that cause harm to your computer. It’s also the regular maintenance procedures that you probably aren’t carrying out and the various system settings that you can tweak to make your Mac one lean, clean, and efficient machine.

NY Times: We Hack Everyone with WebRTC

The NY Times has recently come under fire for exploiting a known web vulnerability against all website visitors involving WebRTC.

The NY Times is collecting every local IP even VPN users by taking advantage of a well documented exploit against WebRTC. The Times is even using clunky and poorly written JavaScript to carry out their attack.