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It’s not uncommon for a computer system to be infected with a virus or some type of malware. In some situations, these problems may spread so far that the operating system stops working completely, and the only way to fix these problems is to re-install Windows Operating System.

Fortunately, there is another software solution that can be used to repair these problems, which means a complete re-install is no longer needed. Instead, the user can take advantage of a software product called Reimage. Reimage is considered to be revolutionary because it fixes these problem quickly without having to bare with the long process of re-installing Windows. In addition to repairing the traditional computer system, it has been used to fix a virus problem that infected a video editing computer.

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Before using this revolutionary solution, there is some information that everyone will need to know. Some of the most notable involves, how safe is the software? So, for more information about this topic, please continue reading the details that have been listed below.

Question: What is Reimage Repair?

Answer: Reimage repair is an alternative solution to fixing severe virus and malware problems on a computer system. It is used in lieu of reinstalling a new version of Windows on a PC that has completely stopped or cannot be repaired by other simple processes.

When asked the question, does Reimage actually work? I can respond to this question with a firm yes. This software does an excellent job with fixing all of the associated problems quickly without the need for a complete re-installation. However, before making an investment in this new alternative people should do their research. As with any new application purchase, it is essential to do a thorough job of researching its features so that the individual does not shell out money for an application that does not do what its manufacturers have promised.

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Another factor to consider when making a decision to make a purchase involves the type of problem that the user of the computer is experiencing. This means the success of this solution depends on the scope of the initial problem and whether Reimage can repair the issues that have been identified. This information is essential since it can avoid unnecessary data loss.

To address this issue, lets put things in the proper priority. I have asked the question, what is the scope of the problem that needs to be repaired because it will make a difference. In fact, thru trial and error, in an emergency situation, I discovered that Reimage works well in resolving a long-term problem with a shorter solution. Even though the problem I had involved an infected video editing computer, the results that I received was not due to knowing what will happen. Instead, I used Reimage as a last ditch effort to correct the problem that I was having during a crunch time. Fortunately, this solution worked out well since it corrected virus problems that Norton 360 could not fix. When initiated, the entire process took a few hours to complete and it was successful.

With this being said, the only issue that I experienced when the problem was fixed was annoying Windows updates that happened quite frequently. Fortunately, after a period of time, the updates stopped and I could continue use as normal. Therefore, this solution may not be classed as a clean installation, but it does work very well in a crunch.

What can Reimage Help with and What are its Major Drawbacks

Once the problem has been identified, it is important for the user to know what types of system computer problems can be handled Reimage. Though Reimage is an excellent software product for numerous related virus and malware problems, it cannot be relied on to repair third party software issues like Firefox or Photoshop. Also, if the user is having a problem with its physical hardware, it cannot repair these and other related computer repair problems. Users cannot depend on the software for being some sort of virus protection software because it is separate issue to resolve. On the other hand, it is great with repairing Windows errors, viruses and malware attacks, freezes, crashes, BOD and more.

Reimage Repair Review: How It Works

Reimage is considered to be a very cool software application since it has been designed by its manufacturers to analyze various kinds of problems including malware issues, viruses that spread and damaged files. After the software has completed its analysis, the next step in its overall process is to replace the critical parts of the missing operating system and delete infected files. In order to accomplish this task, this application has access to a huge database that stores over 25 million system files. To make sure no files are missed, the database is updated with new files on a continuous basis. For instance, if the system analyses the data and identifies that a crucial registry key has been infected by the virus, the application will replace these files with a substitute from this database. Once the files have been replaced with non-infected files, the process will begin to run smoothly.


My Experience with Reimage Repair

Recently, the video editing computer that I was using started having weird problems. It turns out that the Windows 7 Operating system that I was runny at the time was infected by a worm that would not go away, especially because it would keep reappearing. It did not matter what I did to remove it, it would continue to restore itself. Even after installing and running Norton 360, the worm kept coming back reeking havoc on virtually everything that I was doing including causing the mouse that I was using to move slowly and jerk around. These problems quickly graduated into a nightmare that completely disrupted a video project that I was working on.

With this being said, here is where my experience with Reimage software comes in. I installed and ran Reimage on my video editing computer and it identified the problems within hours. In fact, this software application identified a bunch of errors that needed to be corrected. To remove these errors and prevent further damage, I ran Norton 360. After completing this process, the problems were fixed and I could use my computer normally again. However, the only issue I had with this process was the initiation of several Windows updates. Even though this part of the process was annoying, it was still minute compared to all of struggles that I had previously with trying to resolve it. Overall, my experience was great and I highly recommend Reimage to others who are dealing with similar problems like corrupted files, malware and viruses.


The Software in Action

Reimage has a user-friendly interface that’s simple to read and use. It allows its users to set an automatic scan time to keep up and prevent security threats and other related problems. It also contains a guide that is easy to use so that the user does not have to struggle unnecessarily.

What it Will and Will Not Fix

Before an individual decides to use this software application to fix their computer virus and malware problems, it is essential that everyone knows its overall capabilities. Specifically, as it relates to what this software will and will not fix. First of all, Reimage is an ideal solution for evaluating and finding severe Windows Operating system problems because it identifies the virus and malware problems that need to be repaired. Since it comes up with lots of errors that other programs will not identify, the user can get their PCs back up and running much quicker than other software product solutions. Many of the errors identified are normally problems with the registry, damaged or missing files. However, It is important to note that even though Reimage can identify specific problems, it is limited in the type of problems that can be repaired. For instance, this software application will only repair files that are related to Windows Operating System, which means it cannot repair files that have been identified with MS Office or other 3rd party files that’s stored on an individual’s PC.

Reimage Repair Review: Conclusion

Even though there are numerous software applications on the market today that that have been designed to identify and fix virus, malware and other related problems, some tend to be better solutions than others. One of the more notable is Reimage since it is an ideal solution for identifying critical errors that need to be fixed before the PC can be stored to normal state. Even though it cannot fix third party applications, it is ideal for evaluating Windows Operating Systems quickly so that all problems can be repaired.

Thank you for the opportunity to send this addendum. If you have questions or need additional info, just let me know.

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  • allen July 27, 2016 on 2:49 pm

    I have a problem with trying to access certain files in a separate internal hdd. When I open it, after a short time, I cannot use it as it freezes up, and then windows explorer folder crashes, and that hdd is not recognized when I open up MY Computer folder.

    can reimage help to fix this problem?