Spyhunter 4 Key

The first step is to make sure you have the most up-to-date copy of Spyhunter 4 which you can download using this link.

If you’re having difficulty activating the SpyHunter 4 program or getting it to properly update after installation, it’s typically because there’s an issue with your computer system. Therefore, before you submit a support ticket to receive technical support, carefully read the following instructions first in order to help resolve your problem concerning your issues with activating your SpyHunter 4 key.

Spyhunter 4 Key

Here are some of the most common issues that SpyHunter 4 customers tend to encounter when updating or activating SpyHunter 4 key and how to resolve them.

1. You mistyped either your username or password, or both.

2. A certain firewall programs like Norton Internet Security, Avast, Zone Alarm, McAfee, or others is keeping SpyHunter 4 from properly accessing the Web.

3. Sometimes the ‘work offline’ option is checked in the Firefox or Internet Explorer settings. And so, when you attempt to update or activate SpyHunter 4, you continue to get the same error message that there’s no available Internet connection.

4. You never actually received the email that confirmed your order: ‘Order Confirmation’ that you should have received upon purchasing SpyHunter 4 that contains the necessary details required in order to activate your copy.

5. A spyware infection or another program is blocking SpyHunter 4 and/or the enigmasoftware.com website.

If you’re still having issues concerning steps 1, 2, or 3, read the following instructions in order to successfully re-activate the SpyHunter 4 software.

How to Re-Activate the SpyHunter 4 key

(If prompted, it’s not necessary to re-purchase SpyHunter 4 again.)

1. Disable any running firewall programs on your system, including Norton Internet Security, Avast, Zone Alarm, McAfee, and any others since they’ll likely interfere with SpyHunter 4’s activation process. You can easily turn your firewall back on upon successfully activating SpyHunter 4.
2. Ensure that your Firefox or Internet Explorer web browser doesn’t have the ‘work offline’ option checked. If it does, it means it’s enabled and won’t allow SpyHunter 4 to properly activate. In order to uncheck ‘work offline’, open a new Firefox or Internet Explorer window and simply click ‘File’ in the upper left corner and uncheck the option.
3. Then, proceed to open SpyHunter 4.
4. Go to the ‘Options’ tab and click it (located on the left side of SpyHunter 4’s menu).
5. Type in your username and password and then click the button labeled ‘Activate Now’.

Enter your password very carefully and slowly since you won’t be able to actually see it, or else it won’t work. Furthermore, be sure there aren’t any spaces either before or after both your username and password as well. It’s crucial that you erase any previously stored information in both fields regarding the username and password. Occasionally, the username and/or password fields may become corrupted when trying to perform an update. If you need any more info on Spyhunter check out No-Adware’s Spyhunter 4 review!

At this point, your SpyHunter 4 key should be activated on your system.

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  • Juan January 26, 2015 on 4:06 pm

    I just had Enigma resend my spyhunter key after having trouble tracking down the original email.

    Problom solved.