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There has been a lot of buzz lately around the internet with people asking “what is mackeeper” “is mackeeper legit“? Over at no-adware.com we love it while some are not the biggest fans of Mackeeper Lite. The truth is sometimes not so cut and dry when it comes to mac virus removal software. Finding the right anti-virus program can become even more confusing when you are using a mac.

So many of the trusted Windows programs just are not compatible!


So, What is Mackeeper?

Mackeeper.com(Official Website)

Mac Keeper Lite (Direct Download)

Mackeeper was originally created by Zeobit in early 2009. They refined the software over several years before being aquired by Kromtech Alliance in  April of 2013. For many years malware removal and anti-virus software have been packaged as stand alone. Single applications that needed to be managed by you the user. Creating more work and greater headaches

when we spent $X,XXX on a Mac in the first place! Mackeeper takes a new look at this concept by creating an all-in-one utility. Mackeeper integrates malware and virus removal, next-gen identity protection, and will keep your Mac clean and speedy making this one of the best options for everyday Mac users.

Mackeeper is a full service Mac security suite that integrates many cool features:

  • Customer support backed by real humans! 24/7 help via email, online chat, and phone.
  • Mac slowing down after getting a virus from a tv show/movie website? We found that Mackeeper makes all of the small tweaks to fix problems and have your Mac running like the day you bought it.
  • Remove adware apps that  won’t go away with a single click!
  • Next-Generation privacy software that will protect your identity and stop your information from being stolen. With the growing trend of online data breaches and some researches estimating that 85% of all business’s have had a data breach.

mackeeper review

What are Mackeepers requirements:

  • Intel based Mac
  • OS X 10.5 or later

Mackeeper Reviews

In early 2010 the renowned blog macworld.com released their exclusive review  of Mackeeper. They issued Mackeeper 3.5 stars in the review which is pretty good considering the standards that Macworld holds software to in reviews.

The great advantage to Mackeeper and reason for their cult following is most likely owed to their unified utility set. Macworld, No-Adware, and others have found over and over agian that Mackeeper is Premium software you should have on your Mac.



Dan Saulco | Mac Sec Worx

When you are already paying top dollar for hardware you can not afford to neglect installing a proper security suite. Many of my friends ask what their best option is. Every time I say, Mackeeper. Why? It does everything you neeeded wrapped up in a nice bundle.


mackeeper expert review


Ray K. | Mac User/Web Designer

I use my Mac constantly whether I am working or at school. Having my Mac nearly unusable do to a virus just was not an option for me. I asked my friend who showed me Mackeeper on her Macbook. Wow! It looked pretty fricking sweet, but I was still skeptical. I went back to my dorm and gave it a shot. After about 5 minutes, I kid you not, my Mac ran like new! Thank you Mackeeper.

Wrap Up: Mackeeper

In conclusion, we are left with a few choices. We can simply do nothing and pray to the Mac Gods that a North Korean hacker will not steal our identity. We can scour the internet for anti-virus, backup software, Mac locators, identity protection programs or…skip all of this trust the experts and grab Mackeepers security utility.

mackeeper lite



Update: No Adware recently released our 2015 Macbooster 2 review!

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Discussions — 4 Responses

  • Kimmie February 20, 2015 on 8:24 pm

    Uni student here. Mackeeper was provided to everyone by my school and yes. It works. Neither myself nor my friends seam to have any issues and we all use mackeeper.

  • nino007 March 2, 2015 on 1:50 am

    Mackeeper is where it’s at.

    Had my copy for over a year now and not one single issue.

    Hard to pull that in today’s online climate.

  • susan May 4, 2015 on 4:56 pm

    running osx lion and mackeeper is where its at!

  • Terry Yang February 22, 2016 on 8:43 am

    It sounds good